Pulsation Dampeners/Surge Suppressors


แบรนด์ : PLAST-O-MATIC


Series PDS Provides Multiple System Safeguards


  • Pulsation Dampener smooths pump flow
  •  Surge Suppressor absorbs shocks and vibrations
  • Water Hammer Arrestor eliminates dangerous pressure spikes from quick closing valves
  • Inlet Stabilizer enhances pump performance and longevity
  • Accumulator releases stored fluid during unwanted pressure drops
  • Expansion Tank protects system from thermal volume increases


  •  Large inlet improves response
  • Inlet screen protects bladder with minimal flow obstruction
  • Dual seal channels protect against air and system leaks
  • Top quality thermoplastics and elastomers resist chemical attack,protect system purity
  • No wetted metal parts
  • Up to 150 PSI working pressure (excluding pressure spikes)
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