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JP-700 H / -HL

Drive with three-phase or air operated motor, directly coupled, pump shaft ball-bearing

  • These eccentric screw pumps enable a gentle, almost pulsation free transport of thin to high viscous, thixotropic, gaseous, solids and fibres containing, aggressive and neutral media.
  • Stainless steel execution SS 316Ti
  • Pump and drive directly coupled
  • Pressure stages 6 and 12 bar
  • Flow rates up to 3.000 l/h
  • Connections male thread G 1½” on suction and female thread G 1¼” on discharge side
  • Totally enclosed pin joints, Rotor SS 316Ti
  • Stator material adapted to the pumped medium (NBR, NBR food grade, FKM, EPDM, EPDM light and PTFE are available)
  • Shaft seal by single-acting mechanical seal or stuffing box
  • Base plate as an option (in steel or stainless steel)
  • Driven by three-phase motor, gear motor or variable gear motor, IP 55
  • Also air operated motors can be supplied
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