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Numerous customers from the food sector, as well as the packaging and chemical industries want to decant liquids not only from barrels or containers, but to fill these precisely in small containers.


  • In the case that thin to viscous media should be volumetrically filled into small containers, in addition to a gentle and low-pulsation delivery an accurate dosing is imperative.
  • This follows not only from the facts, but also the EU-condition with regard to the filling of packaging in order to avoid penalizing consumers. In the final packaging directive is normalized, the extent to which the mass or volume of the contents of a box may differ from the print on the package. The standardized requirements were met there are implemented by our designers with the following filling plants.

Multi-component filling and dosing system

  • For dispensing of low-viscosity to medium viscosity media according to specified recipes a Multi-Component Filling and Dosing System was supplied that is based on the principle of own eccentric screw pumps and the different media can reliably and accurately be filled and dispensed.


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