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Mobile single-column barrel emptying plant

Electric or pneumatic powered lifting devices are used in many industries for lifting and positioning heavy supplies. In connection with an eccentric screw pump, also barrels with highly viscous media can be emptied quickly, safely and semi-automated.

  • Numerous customers from the bottling, manufacturing or packaging industry need to empty highly viscous liquids from a variety of 200 liter barrels quick, clean and as simple as possible. In many of these applications, it is no longer enough for a pump manufacturer to offer only a single pump.


  • The barrel pump manufacturer JESSBERGER has, therefore, developed in the field of eccentric screw pumps, as the company logo and the text „pumps and systems“ shows from a pure pump manufacturer to a system supplier who can offer complete solutions in the field of automation, dosing and control technology in addition to pumps. In recent months, numerous special designs have been supplied to renowned German companies. An example of a semi-automated barrel emptying highly viscous media is the mobile single-column barrel emptying plant.


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