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For complete emptying

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of drums or containers made of stainless steel

Stainless steel = SS pump tubes with Ex approval, outside Ex-areas max. 90 and 120°C

  • With a complete drum emptying pump tube in stainless steel neutral, slightly aggressive, dangerous and economically valuable liquids can be transferred nearly completely out of drums and containers.
  • By a handle below the hand wheel the pump foot can be closed. This prevents that the medium can flow out of the hose and the suction tube back into the drum after motor has been switched off.
  • EC type examination certificate number ZELM 09 ATEX 0424X Ex II 1/2 G c IIB T4.
  • Cause of the fact that with a remaining quantity of 0,1 l only minimal residues remain inside the drums and containers the medium can be used optimally. Especially no additional costs or time incur required for emptying the containers in another way.
  • Attention: The pump tubes with mechanical seal are not allowed to run dry.

Pump tube in stainless steel 316Ti with complete drum emptying function and mechanical seal

  • The motors JP-180, JP-280, JP-360 and JP-380 as well as in hazardous areas the electric motors JP-400, JP-460, JP-480 and the air operated motors have proven themselves as drives for the complete drum emptying pump tubes.
  • The pump tube length 1,000 mm is used when emptying 200 liter drums.
  • The pump tube length 1,200 mm is used when emptying containers.
  • In contrast to the sealless pump tubes that can be used in 95% of all applications and that can run dry cause of its construction, drum pumps with mechanical seal are not allowed to run dry.


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