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Handpumpe JP-07, manuelle Abfüll- und Transferpumpe für 20 l Kanister bis 200 l Fässer.


Pump body: made of polypropylene, internal parts also made of stainless steel
Seal: acc. media
Flow rate: Water: 20 l/min*, Oil SAE 30: 9 l/min. at 20°C*
Pump tube length: Suction pump consisting of four parts, each 250 mm
Pump tube diameter: max. 31 mm
Rubber adapter: for bung hole diameters from 46,5 to 60 mm
Temperature: 40°C*
Viscosity: 400 mPas*

By pumping movement pressure can be generated in a barrel or canister. After this pressure has been build, the medium flows out independently after opening the filling tap, so that a certain quantity can be filled by the tap.

Three adapters for bunghole diameters of 46.5 to 60 mm are included.

JP-07 BLUE with NBR seals for the transfer of oily substances and petroleum-based products.

JP-07 RED with EPDM seals for the transfer of basic media. Attention: the internal parts of the hand pump are also made of stainless steel.

JP-07 GREEN with FKM seals for light acids and chemicals. Attention: the internal parts of the hand pump are also made of stainless steel.

Optional accessories for hand pumps JP-07: Transverse hose (1.5 m) incl. tap


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