JP-11 Hand-Crank Rotary Pump | JESSBERGER


หมวดหมู่ : PUMP JESSBERGER Manual Hand Pump




Hand-crank rotary pump JP-11 suitable for thin fluid, non-flammable liquids such as diesel, gear oil, heating oil, hydraulic oil, machine oil, mineral oil, motor oil, etc. up to 1000 mPas.

The pump is not suitable for water.

Pump material: Aluminium and zinc plated steel
Seals: NBR
Flow rate: 1 l/rotation*, changing from forward to reverse transferring possible. Thus results an optimal dosing.
Pump tube length: 1,080 mm
Pump tube diameter: 53 mm (sieve)
Head: 15 m*
Horizontal distance: 50 m*

Pump complete with discharge hose and drum adapter G 2″.

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