JP-13 Hand-Crank Rotary Pump | JESSBERGER


หมวดหมู่ : PUMP JESSBERGER Manual Hand Pump



Compact hand crank rotary pump JP-13 suitable for diesel, heating oil, oils (up to SAE 90) and all other self-lubricating, non-aggressive and non-flammable media.

Pump material: Die casting and plastics
Seals: NBR
Flow rate: 0,3 l/stroke* | up to 18 l/min
Pump tube diameter: max. 40 mm
Strainer diameter: max. 30 mm
Telescopic suction tube: adjustable from 355 – 955 mm. Suitable for smaller containers and 200 liter drums.

Pump complete with discharge arc, drum adapter G 2″ and strainer.

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