Fire Brigade Hand Pump JP-16 | JESSBERGER


หมวดหมู่ : PUMP JESSBERGER Manual Hand Pump




Fire brigade hand pump JP-16, ATEX compliant, single-acting hand pump that can be used for following media of hazard classes A I-III:

Diesel, heating oil, fuel, petroleum, anti freezing liquid for cooler (undilated), thin fluid mineral oils and rapeseed methyl ester.

Execution for fire brigade with flexible suction hose instead of a rigid tube.

Suction hose DN 19 x 4; 1,5 m
Discharge hose DN 19 x 4; 1,5 m
Flow rate: app. 0,25 l/stroke*

In pump housing integrated drum adapters with M 64×4 and G 2″ enable an easy fixing in drums.

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