CAFÉ & CAFÉ NITRO Electric Actuators


หมวดหมู่ : PIPE , FITTING & VALVES PLAST-O-MATIC Ball Valves

แบรนด์ : PLAST-O-MATIC



• Multi-Voltage 24-240V AC/DC, 50-60 Hz Input Power with auto-voltage sensing and resettable fuse
• LED status light to indicate operational status of actuator
• Multi-Mode Electronic over-torque protection against valve jam
• Brushless motor with ICp protection against valve jam
• hermostatic anti-condensation heater
• Remote position indicator via Programmable relays
• Barrel style visual position indicator
• Weatherproof anti-corrosive and UV protected glass filled polypropylene housing
• Easy mounting with ISO 5211
• All external electrical connections via DIN plugs
• Soft Reset via DIN plugs
• CE marked, IP67 ingress protection Brushless motor with ICP protection
• Plast-O-Matic engineered & assembled in USA 


• OLED screen
• Over-torque & over-temperature alarms
• (0-20, 4-20) mA or (0-10, 2-10) V DC proportional closed loop control options
• Differential input/output proportional closed loop control options
• Proportional Control Loop with over voltage and overcurrent protection
• Modbus RS485 proportional control option with 13 registers
• Fail-safe option w/battery backup
• Stand alone control option via asynchronous calendar
• Three different drive mode options: Auto, keypad, manual
• Alarm log option
• Run time diagnostic option
• Range of 90° working time from 1 - 30 seconds

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